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After a lengthy absence from the live music scene I have photographed two gigs this week. The first was Noah & The Whale at the Brudenell Social Club for my old agency www.retna.co.uk The beard count, although much higher than anything from ‘my day’ was lower than I had anticipated. I have my daughter Alice to thank for making me aware of NATW, who like so many of their contemporaries successfully convey a sense that they hail from Washington State or somesuch when in fact they emerged somewhat closer to home, in this case Twickenham. The venue was a delight, the crowd appreciative and not being kicked out after the first three songs meant that I could snap away a little longer and enjoy the tunes. Bonus.

It was the first outing for my New Favourite Lens the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 ~  a  joy to use.

Charlie Fink

The second gig was by far the most nervous I’ve been before the musician took to the stage. Fears were groundless he blew them away.

Eddie Parker ~ School jazz night