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High-ena by Rocket01

Really interesting day’s explore in Sheffield where an abandoned hotel is being turned into an urban art gallery by a fine selection of artists.
The above piece is by Rocket01 who we had the good fortune to see working on something new as we went from floor to floor.

There is also a great range of pieces by prolific Sheffield artist Phlegm depicting falling men.

 Since our visit just 10 days ago there has been some more additions by other artists. I’m hoping to go back at least at once more before the inevitable ‘lock-down’ takes place.

Part of the appeal of such work is the nature of its restricted visibility and uncertain, sometimes doomed, longevity.

As a photographer my aim is to contextualise as much as record the actual artwork and I’ve recently taken to shooting ‘stitch’ shots of several frames to give a graphic interpretation of the world the work lives within.

This is another Phlegm piece in a different location. The shot is a 5 frame stitch.


I was delighted that Rocket01 chose my shot of High-ena as his official photographic record.