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I was at The Duchess in York last night to photograph Lucy Rose.

She very kindly agreed to a few photographs and an interview before the show. I’m no journalist so my daughter, Alice and her friends Anna & Ben came up with the probing questions.

As a result I now know who Scott Matthews is and that Lucy has blended her own tea (a combination of Earl Grey and ‘builders’). Much to my relief I also discovered that she is ‘dog’ rather than ‘cat’. Phew.


I’ve had only limited exposure to Lucy’s music ~ a couple of singles ~ notably ‘Middle of the bed’ but was charmed by this performance. She has a quiet confessional voice that you cannot help but attend to ~ rather like the way one listens in to someone who whispers.

Support was provided by Nathan Holme.


I rather liked that Nathan had his own suitcase filled with effect pedals ~ it hinted at something more than just man with guitar.


And that is what we got. Some fine songs augmented by effects and loops that created a trance like vibe.


Lucy Rose took to the stage with her band and perched herself on a bar stool raised up on some upturned crates ~ a nice down-to-earth approach to raising ones diminutive stature.

I didn’t think about missing any stage prowling or posturing ~ the songs were engaging enough to stand on their own merits.


She has her fingers crossed for a September release date for her album. Hopefully she’ll bring any accompanying tour back to York.

Don’t bet against a bigger venue being required by then.Image