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Found myself in the extraordinary surroundings of this abandoned Victorian courthouse recently. The building was originally made to house Sheffield Town Hall but a new building was later created leaving this one to look after all things judicial.

The building was completed in 1808 and extended in 1833 and again in 1866. There is a wealth of fading classical architecture and the court rooms themselves ~ with an abundance of dark wood and dust ~ are as just as they were left in the 1990s when the last of the judgements were handed down.


Being inside the cells was a curious experience, aware of all the people who had passed through over the years and the drama of their stories.


Once my eyes became accustomed to the gloom the true beauty of the place became apparent.

It is currently in the top ten of The Victorian Society’s register of ‘buildings at risk’. With so little public money around it is at the mercy of private developers and as each year goes by and more decay sets in the bill for saving the place increases…