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A mammoth trek out to this abandoned farmhouse ~ but worth it. Apparently abandoned in the late 70’s with so much left behind.


It’s remoteness has meant that there is no signs of the  usual destructive activities of vandals and thieves~ only some creative interpretation of interior design by previous UE visitors…

Cut Throat

There were so many personal effects; letters, school text books, toiletries and much paraphernalia from World War II. The overwhelming sense was one of sadness at the pieces of these forgotten lives so utterly forsaken.

Tableau 7 5

The place has become something of a pilgrimage for explorers recently and how much longer it can remain so relatively untouched is uncertain. If only a few decide to take a souvenir then the place will be stripped soon enough. There was no sign of the profusion of pocket watches that I had seen in an earlier set of pictures.

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