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Had the opportunity to take some pictures inside one of The Churches Conservation Trust’s buildings recently. St Peter’s in Wintringham is a fabulous ancient church in North Yorkshire and made a glorious backdrop for a vintage bridal shoot.


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Just a little additional lighting required to balance out the light coming in through the stained glass. Make up artist Victoria was also a master of the reflector which helped…

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Shooting with a new(ish) full frame dslr in low light allows you to get away with iso settings that would’ve been unbelievable just a few years ago let alone in the days of film.

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Model was the dazzling Katie Thirks.


All in all a good afternoon’s work and a sublimely peaceful location too.

Huge thanks to Hayley at Glory Days Vintage (http://www.glorydaysvintage.co.uk) for the dresses, Victoria Farr for hair and make up (http://www.victoriafarr.co.uk) and Rachel at Ducks & Daffodils for the flowers (http://ducksanddaffodils.co.uk)

Check out the Churches Conservation Trust for your nearest building to visit (http://www.visitchurches.org.uk)